3 Must-Have Gifts for Him that Weren’t Under the Tree

The holiday season is over, and though the special man in your life likely got many of the things he was hoping for, there is a good chance there was something forgotten that finally surfaced after the tree was hauled out to the side of the road and the leftover fruit cake tossed in the trash. One of the best ways to make him feel good with a pleasant surprise is to give a gift or two after the new year that he was expecting for the holidays. From fashion to gadgets, here are four ideas to shop.

Alpaca Men’s Sweaters

Alpaca sweaters were popular in 2017, and they are predicted to dominate chilly weather apparel in 2018 and beyond. Several years ago cashmere dominated the fashion industry for winter and fall wear. But today major labels like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Hugo Boss use alpaca wool in everything from suits, sport coats and accessories. When you show your man a little love with a stylish alpaca sweater you are also showing love to families in Peru where these fibers are sourced and have been for hundreds of years. The best companies that retail alpaca men’s sweaters source their materials straight from Peru thus supporting the sustainability of the local people while supporting their heritage and ability to thrive as they have for centuries. Alpaca is durable, soft and if properly cared for can last the wearer’s lifetime.

App Enabled Droids

If your man is a Star Wars fan and he loves gadgets, show him some love with a fun app enabled droid. Sphero is a company based in Denver, Colorado owned by the Walt Disney corporation that uses mobile app technology to empower and animate droids from the world of Star Wars. These include BB-8, R2-D2 and BB-9E. These are high-quality built droids that move and make audible sounds identical to their behavioral traits in the films. App enabled droids are perfect toys for the office, the man cave, or to add to a growing Star Wars or gadgets collection.

Jewelry for Men

When most people think of shopping for jewelry, women are almost always on the receiving end. However, men’s jewelry is on the move. According to data collected by Statista, jewelry is the number one selling men’s accessories, and the industry has increased by 3.3 billion dollars in sales since 2014. Some popular materials include titanium, white gold, silver, glass, gem stones, leather, and mixed media items like copper coil and recycled vintage men’s ties. Etsy is an amazing hub for finding gifted self-taught jewelers who can create custom rings, necklaces and bracelets for that special man in your life. For example, if your boyfriend loves the look and feel of distressed leather, bronze, and his favorite gemstone is lapis lazuli, contact a leather worker to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet, and then ship it to a jeweler who can add the other elements to bring it all together!