How A Perfect Smile Can Boost Your Confidence

Ever gazed at your face at the mirror and admired how you smile? The face changes despite the ‘roads you have tarmacked’. A healthy smile assures one of many things, relieves stress, reduces shyness, boost confidence and also acts as an inspiration to other people.

How Does Lacking A Great Smile Deprive A Person’s Confidence?

To begin with, there are many reasons as to why one may have a low self-esteem simply because they can’t be able to smile. This might be due to inadequate oral health i.e. bad breath, stained teeth, overgrown teeth, uneven teeth among many other abnormal appearances on the teeth.

You might feel that opening your mouth to talk to even a close partner is a problem. You tend to isolate yourself from the public and gatherings. You disintegrate yourself from your friends. When called upon to deliver a speech or give a simple talk, you shy away simply because you lack self-confidence. A problem that can be solved by visiting the dentist like the one at Pacific Implant Center, or simply by taking hygienic measures on your oral health.

The above informs you on how lacking a healthy smile can deprive one’s self-confidence and lower their self-esteem. This can, in turn, lead to a lot of negative effects that could make the situation more worse. i.e. Staying away from people can spoil your interpersonal relationships with friends and also by not smiling, you prove to be a non-approachable type of person.

How Can A Great Smile Boost Self-Confidence

Below are ways in which a great smile will boost confidence.

1. Smiling Makes You Approachable

Exposing that smile proves to people that you are more approachable and friendly than a person who does not smile. It makes you appear more open, likable, attractive and people are more than happy to engage with you. A patient care coordinator at BajaDent told us they have seen many cases where patient see a boost in their confidence, because they experience higher self-esteem.

2. Elevates Your Moods

A genuine smile from the heart lifts your spirits. Even if you were sad or going through a difficult time, a healthy smile boosts your mood through the release of a pleasure hormone known as endorphin. This makes you more confident than you were.

3. Reduces Shyness

A great smile reduces shyness. If you are in front of a crowd, just walk straight to the podium and face the crowd. Expose a great smile towards them for some time. It naturally projects and elevates your confidence levels. You feel energized and ready to speak with power. A simple smile proves to the crowd that you are relaxed and comfortable. A dentist at Brio Dental ( believes that smiling increases your levels of self-esteem by ensuring you always feel high about yourself.

4. Inspiration To Others

As someone said decades ago, smiling is a contagious act. It is possible to make someone smile by just smiling. When your smile forces a depressed person to smile makes you feel so great about yourself. This, in turn, boosts your self-confidence. If you are used to inspiring others by smiling at them, this elevates your confidence levels.

5. Generates A Sense Of Well-Being

A simple smile assures the masses that you are okay. A genuine smile displays a sense of positivity and inner contentment. When you note that people are noticing you are fine, you get a great sense of confidence in yourself.

6. Don’t Just Force That Smile

If you want to be confident by exposing your smile, do not try faking it. If you have any dental health issues or dental deterioration it is highly recommended that you visit your oral health dentist like the ones at Odontomedik. The reason for not faking a smile is that when people (especially your close friends and workmates) notice that you are faking it, they view you as an indifferent person or an ingenuine person. This can immensely affect your interpersonal relationship with your friends and family members including damaging partnerships. Just train yourself to smile naturally as this is a natural booster of self-confidence.