Office Fashion for Men

Clothing for gentlemen to wear in the office does not have to be cumbersome. Experts say that it should be much more careful than usual for weekends or other events with friends. You have to do your best, without over doing it.

The heat or constant weather changes are no excuse to go to the office untidy.

It is precisely there where the attire becomes more important, and although Many parts of Baja California, where KatRank offices are located, the heat is characterized to rise to 32 degrees and it is not expected that men wear a jacket and tie, there are materials, textures and colors that will favor them when get dressed to go to work.

For good luck to those who love simplicity, the season is relaxed and the recommendation is that your wardrobe does not lack light textures and large bags.

The looks

The ideal suit for the body of gentlemen

A renowned design expert points out that it depends on the climate, the formality or not of the work and the importance of certain events. However, in general, a shirt and the use of neutral colors are aspects that are located in a good intermediate point.

There are, for example, reversible belts that on the one hand shows leather and in a casual activity the buckle is turned and a riata is seen, which are two uses in a miso belt. In this sense, that is, in the use of riatas, for the work environment, more neutral colors are also recommended since a bright color (purple, yellow, etc.) will focus attention on that accessory. But of course, the riatas are totally allowed and accepted in the labor field.

The vertical lines will always be ideal for those who suffer from overweight, because they give the illusion in a lighter way. Here I want to touch something and it has to do with the scarves, because this accessory at the level of thin people can help to increase as such the feeling of volume. Also the use of textures and fabrics a little lighter.