Poor diet and work

In such a globalized world, where the jobs have become absorbing, the lunch hour is short, the work days are long, and everyone is in a hurry, each time, the number of processed and ultra-processed foods that we consume daily is increasing, these the last ones also known as scrap, for its low or null nutritional content and high caloric intake.
Did you know that excessive intake of junk food is directly associated with the higher incidence of mortality due to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer?

And at work is where it is easier to eat junk food because the meal time they see as a waste of time compared to all the important things they must do at work and need to be back to work as quickly as possible. But in reality, the International Labor Organization reveals the results of an international study in which they conclude that inadequate nutrition in companies brings productivity losses of 20%.

That is why it is better to look for foods that help us boost that productivity by improving our efficiency at work, increasing concentration and energy in our daily tasks, and helping us to reduce the risk of suffering fatigue, accidents or diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or hypercholesterolemia, among others. Many have also been improved a lot with a bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico to lose weight and not be so hungry, and among other things you can do, nutritionists recommend the following foods:

Fish: like salmon, mackerel or tuna, is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Fruit: it will help us activate brain functions.

Vegetables: to eat two daily servings of vegetables, whether steamed, grilled, in creams or salads, provides essential vitamins for our body.

Eggs: contain vitamin B that stimulates the brain, which makes it easier to be more awake and speeds up the reaction time at work.

Carbohydrates: rice, bread, potatoes or pasta act as a source of fuel and energy for the human body.

Olive oil and nuts are the contributions of fats we need, but good. On the dried fruits better to consume them to the natural one. They contain a large number of vitamins and help improve memory and keep the mind active and agile.